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With significant evidence that Twitter is on the rise and an increasing number of people signing up daily, it’s becoming a crucial tool for marketers in 2016.

That’s why we’ve put together the ultimate list of Twitter tools.

With no further ado, let’s dive into the list:

1. My Top Tweet

This tool is great for seeing not just your top tweets based on engagements, but anyones! Plus, it’s totally free!

This is a great way to spy on competitors to see their best content or to see what your best influencers are talking about. It’s an easy way to generate strong content ideas.

2. TweetChat

Have you ever participated in a Twitter chat? They’re a great way to gain followers, trust, and reach for your business. However, they can be extremely difficult to follow using Twitter’s platform.

A tweet chat is a dashboard to keep track of the tweets as they happen in real-time, and automatically adds the chat’s hashtag so you don’t have to worry about it.

3. Nurph

In case you don’t like Tweet Chat, Murph is another great free Twitter chat room.

Murph is cool because it shows you upcoming and popular Twitter chats, which makes it easy to get involved in the Twitter chat communities.

It also has a weird fun game you can play on the home page. Check it out!

4. BuzzSumo

One of the most important parts of growing your Twitter following is sharing valuable content that your target audience enjoys.

One of the best ways of doing that is by finding the content that has already performed well. Buzz Sumo does just that; you can type in keywords, URLs, or even specific influencer handles straight from Twitter to see what’s gotten the most shares and engagement.

They have a free version, but you’re very limited on the number of searches you can do per day. They also have a free trial of their full version. If you want the full version after the trial ends, it runs about $99/month, so it’s a bit of an investment.

An alternative to Buzz sumo is using Twitter advanced search – however, this can be confusing if you’re not experienced in advanced search​

5. Nuzzel

Nuzzle is another way to find the content that’s working well, but it does so in a different way. It’s also free, which is great.

You can sync your Twitter with Nuzzle, and it will show you the content that multiple followers are sharing.

This can help you find content to share, and also help you understand the kind of content your audience enjoys. That way, you will be able to recreate it somehow, like adding on to it or making it better.

6. The Latest

The Latest is a tool that keeps track of the most popular items across the entirety of Twitter, for free.

It can help you understand the dynamics of things that get a large number of shares but keep in mind the content itself may not pertain to your audience.

7. Twurly

Twirls is awesome – if you can get in. Currently, they are closed to the public, but you can sign up to be on their waiting list when they announce its next opening.

The tool pulls all the links out of your Twitter feed, then analysis’s the link page popularity as well as the page quality and domain authority. Essentially, it only shows you the best of what’s shared by your followers.

It’s free for now, but it may not always be that way. Sign up while you can!

8. Click to Tweet

This one is more for your website than Twitter. Basically, it adds a button on your website that your visitors can press to tweet your post without any hassle.

It’s more than simply a tweet button, though – they can tweet direct quotes from your articles! It’s also free!

If you’re wondering how to use it, HubSpot has a great guide.

9. Crowdfire

Here’s one to follow/unfollow accounts to quickly grow your Twitter account.

You can copy the followers of key influential accounts, or follow people based on keywords. They give you basic access for free, but it limits you to 25 follows and 100 unfollows per day.

The paid version gives you unlimited follows and unfollows starting at $9.99/month.


Ever wonder what the best hashtags are for your industry/niche? Wonder no more!

Hastagify. I show you the most popular hashtags related to any keyword or hashtag you type in, for free!

For example, if you want to know what hashtags to use with your skateboard store, type in the keyword skateboard and it will show you popular hashtags among people that use that hashtag.

11. Tagboard

This nifty little tool shows you all the posts, on every social media platform, with a certain keyword in them.

It’s a great way to find content to retweet, or add to your list of article ideas. Improving upon a super popular article can get you tons of engagement if done right.

To take it further, share that content with influencers to see if they will share it further.

12. Pablo

A tool made by Buffer, it allows you to easily create images with text over them to share.

Considering tweets with images get more engagement than tweets without images, this is important to take advantage of!

13. Canva

Canvas is another image editor – however, this one is great for making ALL kinds of images, from infographics to Twitter posts, to email headers. Plus, it’s free! How can you beat that?

There is a paid version, and it allows you to create pre-made templates, colors, and logos to keep your branding consistent.

14. Share As Image/Stencil

Similar to Canvas, this allows you to create images with words overlaid. The difference here is you can share them directly to your social networks, rather than downloading them and posting them there individually.

The other cool part is the browser extension. It allows you to easily pull Twitter-worthy text from any page you visit with the click of a button.

The only downfall is the free version only lets you post 5 images per month – not nearly enough. Fortunately, the pro version is only $9/month.

15. Spruce

Another image editor. I find this one to be the easiest to use – however, it has a limit to the number of words you can use, and you can’t edit the size of the text.

That said, it is totally free and really easy to use, so it’s worth looking into.

16. Unsplash

Not directly for Twitter, but it’s a storage of thousands of free, high-definition images to use for anything. Nothing is copywriter or reserved!

It’s great to use in combination with Canvas, as their images are often $1.

17. Warble

Ever want to track any time your business or Twitter profile gets mentioned? That’s what Warble is for.

You can set up feeds to keep track of any time your handle, URL, or unique hashtag is mentioned. It’s a great tool to keep track of engagement with any hashtag contests you run.

The other awesome use of Warble is tracking when competitors are mentioned, so you can see what they’re doing that’s successful.

18. Keyhole

Keyhole lets you type in a keyword, hashtag, or URL to see stats about them.

You can see which Tweets have gotten the most engagement of all time, who the top influencers are that got your keyword the most reach, the demographics and locations of the people who shared it, and the topics within the highest reaching tweets.

19. Buffer

One of the best ways to grow your following without devoting countless hours is the automation of posting.

Buffer allows you to schedule as many posts as you’d like with their paid version. Their free version allows you to schedule up to 10 posts at a time.

They also have an awesome tool that allows you to schedule the posts to the times when your account gets the most engagement, which removes any guesswork involved. After all, true marketers don’t guess – they test!

20. Archie

Speaking of automation, Archie allows you to automatically like posts related to keywords you type in.

You can also choose to focus on “super targeting”, which means targeting highly influential accounts in your industry. This allows you to interact with people following those accounts. Additionally, you can choose not to engage with your competitors’ accounts.

They have a free trial, but it only lasts 5 days then you have to purchase the full package. Their lowest package starts at $19.00/month which gives you unlimited access to everything except for negative keywords and “super targeting”.

And there you have it – the Ultimate List of Twitter Tools in 2016.

What are your favorite Twitter tools? Let us know in the comments below!

We hope enjoyed this article. If you found it helpful, please share it with other entrepreneurs who use Twitter to grow their business!

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