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NetworkedBlogs – Bring your Blog to Facebook

Networked Blogs is a Facebook application that allows you to bring your blog to Facebook and allows you to promote it to your friends and the Facebook community.

You can,

  • Show your blog on your Facebook profile and add a tab for it as well
  • Import your blog posts to your Facebook wall, and have them show up in your friends News Feed on Facebook
  • Add your blog to our directory on Facebook and on NetworkedBlogs.com.
  • Be found when people search for blogs in your topic
  • Let your friends see your latest posts when they visit the “Friends” page on Networked Blogs

Add NetworkedBlogs Application

Firstly login to Facebook then in the search field type in networked blogs,


Click on View Application,

Click on Wall,

Click on Go to Application,

go to application

Click on Allow,


Add Your Blog

Now to add your blog to the NetworkedBlogs directory so that others can find it.

Click on Profile,


Click on Add your blog,

add your blog

Fill out your blog’s profile then click <Next>,

add your blog

Click on <Yes>,


To verify that you are the owner of your blog click on Use our widget to verify blog ownership link,

verify ownership

Copy the code,

copy the code

You now need to paste this code on the right-side column (not a new post) of your blog.

Leave this window open and open up a new window.

For WordPress users click on Widgets,


Drag the Text widget to the sidebar,

text widget

Now paste in the code you copied just before, click <Save>, then close,

paste in code

Go to your blog and confirm this widget is now visible,

widget is visible

Now go back to the NetworkedBlogs application in Facebook and click on the <Verify Widget> button to verify you own the blog you are adding,

verify widget

If you have done this correctly you will see Verification successful.. click on the <Next> button,

verification successful

You have just added your blog to the NetworkedBlogs directory.

blog has been added

Import Your Feed

Now to import your blog’s feed and push it to your Facebook lifestream for all your friends and fans to see.

Click on Feed Settings,

feed settings

Choose how you want to publish your blog posts to Facebook.

I am choosing the recommended setting, Option 1.. then click on the <Save> button,

feed settings

Your settings will now be saved.

Click on <Test Publish>, to test.

test publish

You should now see this message saying the test publish was successful,

Click here to visit your profile and verify that the test story is published,

click here

You should now see this message on your Facebook wall,

test publish

Invite Your Friends

You will now want to invite your friends to follow your news and updates.

Click on Invite People to Follow,

invite your friends

Select your friends then click on the <Send NetworkedBlogs Invitation> button.

NB – Presently you can only select a maximum of 20 friends per day to follow you.. this resets every day, so invite more tomorrow.  This is a Facebook requirement.

select friends

Add NetworkedBlogs to your profile Wall and Info tabs

Add to Profile

Visit your NetworkedBlogs profile (Settings -> Application Settings -> NetworkedBlogs).. then click on <Add to Profile>,

add to profile

Then click <Add>,


Then click <Keep>,


This has now been added to the Wall on your profile (on the left-hand side),

add to profile

Add to Info

To list your blog on your Info tab click on <Add to Info>,

add to info

Then click on <Add>,


Then click on <Keep>,


This has now been added to the Info tab on your profile,

info tab

Add the NetworkedBlogs tab to your profile

On your Facebook profile click on the “plus” symbol, then click on Blog,

new tab

The Blog tab has just been added to your profile,

blog tab


You have just added your blog to Facebook using Networked Blogs.

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