Google Easter Eggs and Hidden Gems

An Easter egg is a hidden feature that the programmers have deliberately put in their software, often for their own amusement.

Generally, it is something entertaining but hidden, and has been put there on purpose by the developer.

A true Easter egg needs to satisfy the following criteria,

  1. Hidden and un-documented
  2. Reproducible
  3. Not malicious
  4. Entertaining

Google is well renowned for their many Easter Eggs.. and without further ado, here is a list of some of my favourites.

Google Reader’s Secret Ninja Mode

In case you missed it, the commands (using your arrow keys and keyboard) in Google Reader are,

up + up + down + down + left + right + left + right + b + a

.. just repeat these commands to “undo”

If you are an old school gamer, then you will recognise this to be the legendary Konami code. Just for fun, try entering the Konami code at Konami Code Sites.

Google Search

Chuck Norris

Several years ago there was a Chuck Norris phenomenon happening and Google also jumped on board.

In Google search type in “where is chuck norris” then click on <I’m feeling lucky>,

Google Easter Eggs and Hidden Gems
Google Easter Eggs and Hidden Gems
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