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How A Client Video Got to 500K Views with No Promotion

How A Client Video Got to 500K Views with No Promotion

In this article I wanted to talk about how I got a video to 500K views on YouTube and to show you how easy it is.

As a video creator as well as a WordPress developer we get the chance to create and promote videos for clients’ websites.

Firstly you must understand that the way YouTube works is that people are searching for things all the time – there is a demand for new content. The other thing is the keyword new. For example let’s say people are searching for ‘drag racing’ on YouTube – if they have an interest in this category not only are they searching those keywords – but they are actively looking for new clips all the time.

This is different from Google – where people can be searching for specific information – but once that information is found they no longer search for that information.

The truth is that the majority of YouTube clips get a ton of views with no promotion and no effort on the publisher other than slipping into the existing slip stream of demand.

Below is a video that we created for a client:

The video goes for :43 seconds and as of this writing has over 400K views.

YouTube Time

How did this happen?

Easily – we simply tapped into an existing market on YouTube.

You see YouTube has a big community/audience of car lovers and they enjoy watching drag racing/general racing and simply info about cars.

To be honest when we created the video we didn’t really think about this – we didn’t say “Wow there is an audience of people an dwe can target them.”

We simply created a video and placed it online.

However the keyword ‘GTR R34 Drag’ was a godsend – and very specific. And before long we were crushing it. It was as simple as that. On one hand the keyword appealed to a broad demographic (car lovers) but on the other hand it was fairly niched (appealing to those that were searching for GTR R34 and drag racing).

Without much effort on our part we were soon getting hundreds of thousands of views.

So here are my tips for getting a ton of natural views on YouTube that I have learned as a result of this experince:

Make sure there is an audience for your content

Generally speaking there will be an audience for everything on YouTube but be realistic about how much views you can get. If you are doing a very niche video do a search on YouTube for other videos/channels that do what you do and see how much views they are receiving. If they are receiving a max of 10K views than know that is your upper limit.

You can also check the history of a video to see how long it took a video to get to 10K views.

For example if a competitor of yours took 6 months to get to 10K views than you can be realistic about how quickly you can attain those results.

When uploading the video ensure you have keywords in the title and description

You should check which videos have high traffic and see which keywords you can use from the videos themselves. If you see a video with 1M+ views see which keywords are being used.

If you see multiple videos with high views see if you can see a similarity to the keywords being used.

The more you immerse yourself in clips and see which keywords are getting the most traffic the more you can have ideas for which keywords you can use for yourself.

To give you an idea our clip doesn’t even use any keywords other than ‘gtr r34 drag’. It is in the title and in the description. This just proves you don’t need 4 keyword types – but more keywords certainly don’t hurt.

Have an eye catching thumbnail

For our video you will see we have a girl in the thumbnail – I believe having a video that implies something sexual can have higher views in certain demographics. Sure it’s cheap but if the content is good it doesn’t matter.

In our case the girl was part of the video so it would make sense to have a thumbnail with a girl in it – in your case you can use other thumbnails that are relevant.

One bit of advice – try to use a thumbnail with a face – whether it’s your face or someone’s face that’s in the video.

Humans tend to react better to faces than logos.

For the love of God do not use your logo as the thumbnail – unless you are a huge company do not ever use your logo in thumbnails.

Hope these tips will help you on your journey to your first 100K viewers. Good luck!

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