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The Power of Video in Social Media Marketing

If you’re like 1.23 billion other people across the globe, then you have an active Facebook account and likely other social media outlets you frequent. These sites have taken the world by storm, and, according to the Statistics Portal, it’s estimated that, by the year 2020, there will be an impressive 17.29 million increase in users.

While most people associate social media with a great way to reach out and keep in touch with friends and family, to the true entrepreneur, sites like Twitter and Facebook provide a free and simple way to reach out to potential customers and market their products and services to a large audience. If you’re ready to take your Internet marketing to a new level, there are some tips you can employ to ensure your social media videos receive the attention you desire.

Consider Vlogging

Most of us are aware of blogging, and this allows us to share our thoughts and ideas with the world. However, there is a new phenomenon that’s sweeping the Internet known as video blogging or vlogging. It’s no surprise that statistics have shown that most people prefer to watch a video as opposed to reading through long paragraphs.

Vlogging is the action of producing your blog material in the form of a video, and this can prove to significantly increase your viewership. Your regularly-uploaded videos can then be easily shared on your social media outlets with a link to your vlog. To find the best equipment to start up a vlog, you can find valuable information in vlogging camera reviews to help you find the right product that will best meet your specific needs.

Consider Vlogging

The Rule of Thirds

When you’re making a video for marketing purposes, you’re likely inclined to pinpoint the focus of your subject and center it. While this may come naturally, the eye is more drawn to images that are captured using the rule of thirds. This rule dictates that you must mentally divide the final image into three equal sections and place the subject of the video off to one of the two outer sides. This provides a higher quality image that is more likely to generate a higher level of interest.

It can also be stimulating to include a significant structure in the remaining two-thirds of space. For example, an interview with a police officer may feature his car in the background in the center and left third while the officer is framed in the right third section.

Quality Editing Program

It’s been said that there is pressure being put on many in our society to look impossibly beautiful because we have an unrealistic expectation to meet due to editing done on celebrities. There is truth to this, and this is because we have come such a long way technologically. There are a variety of ways in which you can touch up both images and edit videos to produce the most appealing final product.

While you likely won’t be attempting to make yourself look Hollywood-ready in your editing efforts, there are programs that can help you fix problems or even minor details in post production. While there are free apps available for download that can perform edits such as cutting out unwanted footage, the serious entrepreneur would likely benefit from the investment in a professional video editing program. Here, you can perform a number of helpful edits sure to enhance your overall video quality including:

  • Color correction and effects
  • Audio sweetening
  • Speed effects
  • Pushes and pulls
  • Stabilization

Personalize With Your Audience

Especially if you’re replacing your regular blog with a vlog, it can be easy to fall into the habit of talking at your audience instead of to them. When you write a blog post, you are veiled behind your computer screen, and potential followers and customers are unable to pick up on your true personality. With videos, however, you have the ability to appeal to your viewers’ emotions in a stronger way.

As you prepare to shoot your first social media video, keep your audience in mind, and don’t be afraid to ask rhetorical questions and use verbiage that keep them engaged. Forbes offers a number of great pointers, and just a few include:

  • Provide a brief introduction of yourself at the start of each video
  • Consider the announcement of weekly contests or other promotions
  • Make your customers or followers a part of your team by offering vlog viewers special coupons or other incentives
  • Make sure to include a call to action at the end of your video to like or share your video or to call your office to schedule an appointment. The call to action will vary depending on your purpose.

Of course, it’s never a bad idea to seek out specialized advice and information when it comes to relating to your specific audience.

Worldwide Presence

We have the capability to quickly share information, pictures, and videos with anyone across the globe, and business owners and entrepreneurs alike are taking advantage of this versatile tool at their disposal.

However, all too many fail when it comes to posting quality videos that are sure to grab attention.

Whether you’re in business and looking to acquire more customers or just trying to increase traffic on your personal blog, these tips can open you up to a new world of online traffic to help you meet your goals.

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