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How to Create Facebook Fan Page Alerts

A lot of business owners don’t have the time to be constantly logging into their business’s Facebook page to check for any new posts or comments their fan’s may have left.

Why not setup an alert that emails you every time someone leaves a comment on your Facebook page?

Hyper Alerts is a service that does just that.

Similar to Google alerts, Hyper Alerts sends you an email hourly, daily, weekly or monthly.

To get started head over to Hyper Alerts and create a new account,

After signing in.. click on <Add new alert>,

Now enter the address of your Facebook page, then click <Add>,

Once your Facebook page has been added, it is time to configure your alerts.

Click on <Edit>,

You can add as many alerts as you like, and even multiple alerts for the same page.

  • Posts = an email alert when someone posts something on your Page’s wall
  • Comments = an email alert when someone posts a comment
  • Own content = an email alert when the page’s administrator (ie you) posts a comment or post

Click <Save> when you have finished configuring your alerts.

When one of these conditions are met, an alert will be sent to your email address,

Creating alerts can save you plenty of time.. especially if your Facebook page receives a lot of comments and posts.. or if you administer more than one Facebook page.


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