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Facebook Sacking – How Not To Get Busted By Your Boss

saw an interesting report on A Current Affair (news program) tonight where a guy was given a month off work by his doctor for genuine medical reasons.

During this time off, he was photographed at a family BBQ and this tagged photo was then posted on Facebook.

Before too long this guy’s boss saw the photo..

The boss then assumed this guy wasn’t really sick at all and that he was just taking a sickie.. and gave him the sack!

No more job.

This could happen to anyone.. and certainly isn’t uncommon.

This post shows you how to protect yourself from being tagged in photos and videos on Facebook.

Login to Facebook –> click on Account –> then Privacy Settings,

Click on Custom –> then Customise Settings,

Under the section Things others share –> Photos and videos I’m tagged in.. then select Customize from the drop-down list,

In the section Make this visible to –> select Only me from the drop-down list.. then click <Save setting>,


Whoever tags you now in a photo or video.. only YOU will see it.

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