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4 Free Twitter Tools You Should Be Using

There are tons of Twitter tools out there, you’ve used some while others you’ve never even heard of before.

Some you have to download and some cost money but what are the best free browser based Twitter tools out there?

Here are a list of four:


twitter 1

If you’re interested in who is tweeting about your product or website, or just want to know who is tweeting a specific word, Twirler is perfect for you.

This very simple but useful tool alerts you via email when that word or hashtag is used.

Twirler allows you to decide how often you want to receive these emails. So if you want to receive them every day at 5 pm, you will.

Twirler also has advanced options that allow you track by location, who sends/receives a tweet, and tweets containing a link.


twitter 2

If you want to see stats about your tweets or someone else’s than Tweet Stats will provide them. All you have to do is type in a Twitter username, no login required!

This sites provide information such as: average tweets per day/month, what days and times the person tends to tweet, who they tend to reply to and retweet from, and what words they tweet the most.

If you’re trying to get in contact with someone on Twitter who gets a lot of @mentions than Tweet Stats can help you come up with a good time to try and contact them.

It’s also good to know if you’re tweeting too much on a certain day but not enough on another.


twitter 3

This site provides a lot of different features but my personal favorite is the ability to schedule tweets. Just type in your tweet and the date and time you want that tweet to be published and voilà, your tweets will be posted then.

You can also track keywords, view @mentions of multiple accounts in one place and delete all of your DM Inbox with one click.

SocialOomph has a lot of other interesting features such as: automatically following people who follow you, sending DMs to new followers, and the ability to filter out spams twitter accounts. These features cost money but are definitely worth looking into if you don’t mind spending some cash.


twitter 4

Keep your followers up-to-date by automatically tweeting about your latest blog post using Twitter feed.

Options include: picking what site to shorten your link from, update frequency, and including a post prefix and sub fix to your tweets.

Twitter feed’s dashboard tells you how many times each link has been click. You can also automatically send blog updates to LinkedIn and Facebook.


What are some other good free Twitter tools out there? What are some tools that you wish existed but don’t?

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