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Read a Twitter Stream as a Daily Newspaper

Paper.li is a service that enables you to read a summary of your Twitter stream as a daily online newspaper.

You can browse through all the newspapers that have been created, as well as create your own by specifying a Twitter username.

Paper.li organizes the hundreds (or thousands) of links shared by people you follow into topics and displays summaries of linked content and lets you explore Twitter in a whole new way.

Paper.li is a great tool for people who can’t read Twitter all the time, or for those who want a daily summary of their Twitter stream.

Create Your Own Paper

To get started with your own newspaper head over to Paper.li and click on <Create your own daily paper>,

Now sign in using either your Twitter or Facebook account.. I am using Twitter,

Click <Allow>,

Now click on Create a Newspaper,

The newspaper will be created using all the links (articles) shared in the past 24 hours by the selected Twitter account (curator) AND the people being followed by that user (contributors).

Currently you can create up to three newspapers.

So enter your Twitter username, then click on <Create>,

It won’t take long for all your links to be imported..


Your very own Twitter newspaper has just been created.

You will also be given a permanent link to your Twitter newspaper to share or bookmark.. here is my Twitter newspaper,

You can drill down further by clicking on a category heading,

You can also share your Twitter newspaper by clicking on the retweet or Facebook share buttons at the top of the page,

Paper.li offers tags to help you find other newspapers by topic and explore Twitter.


Your newspaper will automatically update every 24 hours.

To get any new editions, click on <notify me> below the paper’s title,

Then fill out your email address,

Paper.li is a unique and fun way to view your Twitter stream as a daily newspaper.

Go ahead and try it out for yourself.

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