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How to Brand Your Tweets With Your Website’s URL

[EDIT – 01 July 2010 – Please see my post on Branding your Tweets with your Website’s URL using MarketMeTweet (Tweet brand’s successor)] [EDIT– 19 June 2010 – I have received a number of emails from people advising that this tool is no longer free. After emailing Market Me Tweet about their tool Tweet Brand, I received the following reply,

Last night tweet brand stopped working, so we had to redirect temporarily, but here’s the deal with tweet brand: we will be replacing it with another free tool but we can’t support it anymore. It’s not our best work (whereas Market Me Tweet is very thought out) and it winds up getting more support requests than we can handle mostly because people don’t love following videos  .  We haven’t made a big deal about it, and up until this week we were letting people download it, but with all the fail whales that Twitter was experiencing with the world cup (see article on mash able about that) it’s been problematic. ]


Have you noticed whenever you send out a tweet, it is branded with the Twitter client you’ve used, to send out that tweet?

Whether you use CoTweetHootsuite, Seesmic, Tweet deck, Twitter’s Web interface, a mobile Twitter client, or the hundreds of other Twitter clients.. every time you send out a tweet you are advertising their product.. with a link back to their website,

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could capitalize on this valuable piece of web real estate, by branding your tweets with your own business’s name.. including a link back to your own website, blog or Facebook page?

Well.. you can!

And I will show you how..

The guys at Market Me Tweet have created a Twitter client called TweetBrand which enables you to,

  1. Brand your tweets with your own name
  2. Insert a link back to your own website

Tammy Fennell gives intro video to TweetBrand,

Twitter Keys

Once you have created a TweetBrand account and logged in.. you will be asked to sign-in to Twitter and get your consumer key and secret key,

On the Applications on Twitter page, click on Register a new application,

On the Register an Application page.. fill out all relevant details.

Make sure you choose the following settings,

  • Application Type = Client
  • Default Access Type = Read & Write
  • Use Twitter for login = Yes (i.e. checked)

Once you are done click on <Save>,

Once you have successfully registered an application you will be given your,

  1. Consumer key
  2. Consumer secret

Make sure you leave this window open as you will need to copy your keys.

Install TweetBrand

You now need to download and install TweetBrand,

Click on <Open>,

Click on <Install>,

Click on <Continue>,

Setup TweetBrand

Enter your Tweet Brand email address and password,

Enter your Consumer Key and your Consumer Secret that you generated from Twitter prior,

Now you need to add your Twitter account.. click on <Add a new account>,

The next thing that needs to be done is to allow this application to connect to your Twitter account and also to generate a PIN number.

Click on the blue <Sign in with Twitter> button,

Enter your Twitter username and your Twitter password,

Click on <Allow>,

You will be given your own PIN number.

Copy this PIN number,

Return to Tweet Brand and enter,

  1. Your Twitter username
  2. The PIN number you have just copied

Click on <Close>,


You have successfully setup your own Twitter application.

This video also runs through the setup process which you may find helpful,

Personal Branded Tweets

Test this out by typing in a tweet.. then click on the <Send Tweet> button,

Your tweets are now branded with your business name and a link back to your website!


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