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What Are The Types Of Social Media?

Social media is probably the biggest thing that is happening to the internet today. If you have a business and you want to promote it, social media is probably the number one thing that you ought to think about when it comes to building an online presence for your business. This is because social media is all about connecting with people and if there is anything that you want to do it would be to connect with people, those who can be your customers.

Types of Social Media

Like with most things that have something to do with the internet, social media is something that is still developing. It is not something that is fixed and well-define. It is a term that encompasses a large field and trying to define it might not really be possible. But if you want to know more, experts have classified social media into several categories and here are those categories:

Bookmarking Sites

These are sites that allow you to save the links to different sites. You can also manage the links that you like within your account. The idea is so that you can get access to those links a lot faster.

Social News

These are the sites that are mainly concerned with providing news. The news can come from various sources and could be focused on certain topics. The users can also be allowed to express their opinions on the news items by voting and by comments.

Media Sharing

This is the kind of service where users are allowed to upload videos, pictures and other types of media and to express their opinions on those through comments and by liking. It is also possible to manage the items that have uploaded or liked under a specific account.

Social Networks

These are the services that allow you to connect with others. The connection could be based on friendship or something professional. Facebook is the best example of this type of social networking site.


Brevity is the main focus of this type of social media. Short updates are offered to those who are subscribed to certain accounts. Twitter is the most popular platform for this type of social media and it is excellent for news and for quick statements.

These are the most basic classifications of social media that we have today. You have to use at least one of each if you want to promote your business correctly.

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