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Guide To Facebook Timeline For Pages

Facebook has a very huge source of online business, blogging being conducted with the help of Facebook pages. The modification of the pages into timeless has take a very positive turn.

The time line mainly focused on the following aspects:

1)    COVER

It’s very important aspect as the first thing people are going notice is the cover of the page. So to be precise one should be very creative about the cover as it represents the person or the brand.


This image is also something to be given some importance because it’s going to be displayed with every conversation you make; you can also be creative in designing it by making it look like a continuation of the cover pic. Profile pic can also be adjusted by some provided functions as scaling and dragging the image.


Covering from the top now we hit the mainstream of timeline itself. It comprises of features such Pinning, Highlighting & Milestones discussed below.

  • PINNING – it’s the ability to make one of your post static or sticky, meaning it always stays on the top of your timeline. Which would stay a minimum of 7 days until a new post is published. The post which is pinned is marked by a little orange flag at the top.
  • HIGHLIGHTING – it makes a particular post displays double wide as compared to normal ones on both sides of timeline. You can highlight multiple items pictures and videos at best. You can go back in your timeline and highlight the very stuff too, NOTE: You cannot pin and highlight something at the same time. To highlight something just hover over it and click the tiny star which is at the top right corner.
  • MILESTONES – this is something important because you can think about important that has occurred in the past and insert them in your timeline milestones are displayed at the bottom of the page . They cover Full width of the page & the date is included along with the description or the story of the milestone. Milestones can be created from the top of the page near the tab where you leave the status and photos.
  • RECENT POST BY OTHERS – this is the place where the conversation from others would take place, people leaving comments is visible here which helps you to engage with your followers.

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