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How To Download Your Facebook Friend’s Email Addresses

It is very easy to download your Facebook address book.. and with it, all your friends email addresses.

This can be very useful if you want to import these emails addresses into your email client (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, Outlook, etc.), or another application.

It is perfectly legal and very quick!

The only prerequisite you need is a Yahoo! Mail account.. if you don’t have one sign up for your free account now.

Login to your Yahoo! Mail account then go to address.yahoo.com and click on the Facebook icon,

Click on <Allow>,

Click on <Done>,

Your Facebook contacts have successfully been imported to your Yahoo! Mail account.

To export your contacts click on the Contacts tab –> Tools –> Export,

Select an export option.. I would recommend CSV as this format can easily be imported into your email address book,

Enter the CAPTCHA code then click on <Export Now>,

Save this file,


You have just downloaded your Facebook address book.. including all your friend’s email addresses!

This video also outlines these steps.. which you may find useful,


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