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How to Create a Custom Facebook Page

DIY Facebook Pages

As a professional you have finally gotten around to creating a Facebook Page for your business.

You have also discovered you can import your business’s blog to Facebook.. and have secured your business’s names as a vanity URL for your page.

All these little steps help to grow your business’s presence on Facebook.. where all your customers hang out!

The next logical step is to setup a custom landing page for your Facebook page, which I have written about previously.  A landing page is the page that is displayed to someone who visits your page for the first time.

The good news is Facebook allows you to create and configure a custom landing page. On it, you can put all sorts of stuff about your business including text, photos, videos, links, etc.. just like any website’s About Page.

The bad news is it requires you to know basic HTML.. or for the more adventurous FBML. Most business owners or people in general don’t have a development background, and programming languages can be as foreign as trying to learn Latin.

That’s where FaceItPages fits in.


FaceItPages bridges the gap between developers any everyday folk.. by enabling you to create awesome custom landing pages for your Facebook Page, in 3 easy steps,

  1. Choose your style and upload your stuff
  2. Add the Static FMBL app to your Facebook Page
  3. Drop your FaceItPages design code in

Getting Started

Sign up for a new account then login.

The first thing you should do is add your logo.. click on Manage Profile/Upload Logo,

Upload your logo, then click on <Update Account>,

Creating your Page

Now click on Create Facebook Page,

Fill out your Page Information and when you are done click on <Next Step>,

Upload your images,

Choose a theme,

At this point payment is required.

Currently the cost is $39.99.. which is far cheaper than the hundreds of dollars you could pay a web designer for doing the same thing.

FaceItPages will process your payment and release the generated code that you will paste into your Facebook page.

Copy this code,

Static FBML App

Now login to Facebook and browse to your page.

Type in Static FBML in the search field at the top of the page,

Click on Add to my Page,

Add this app to your page.

Now click on Edit Page,

Scroll down to the FBML application and click on Edit,

In the Box Title enter a name for your custom tab.. then paste in the FaceItPages code you copied earlier,

Default Landing Page

Now to make this page the default landing page for first time visitors.

Under Wall Settings click on Edit,

For the Default Landing Tab for Everyone Else option.. select the tab that you have just created,


To test this.. logout of Facebook.

Then browse to your Facebook page,

Your new custom landing page will now be displayed!


This was my custom landing page before FaceItPages,


This is my custom landing page after FaceItPages,

A lot more professional.. complete with,

  • with links pointing back to my blog
  • description
  • contact form
  • Twitter

.. and I didn’t need to do a single bit of coding!

Simple and awesome..

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