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How To Bring Back The Old Facebook


Don’t like Facebook’s new News and Live Feeds look?

Do you wish you could go back to the old look?

Well you can.. sort of.. it is the closest way to what it was.

Firstly login to your Facebook account,

logged in

On the left-hand-side click on More so your list is expanded,


Now that your list is expanded you should be able to see three horizontal bars next to each item in your list,

3 horizontal bars

Place your mouse cursor over those 3 horizontal bars.. and drag Status Updates to the top of your list,

status updates at the top

Now click on it so that it is now selected (ie turns dark blue),



You have just gone back to the old look,

old look

.. if you want to go back to how it was.. just drag News Feed to the top of the list (as outlined in the steps above),

news feed

Next time you login to Facebook, whatever view is at the top of the list, will be your default view.


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