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Add a Vanity URL to Your Facebook Page

facebook vanity urls

Recently Facebook allowed its users to claim their own vanity URL for their personal Facebook profiles.. I claimed mine.

If you don’t already know a vanity URL is a domain name of your choosing, that points to your Facebook profile.

By default everyone’s Facebook profile URL is a long string of random characters,

eg http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=123456789

A vanity URL for your Facebook profile would look something like,

eg http://www.facebook.com/yourname

Having your own Facebook vanity URL is a lot easier to remember when asking people to friend you, or when sending people a link to your profile.. it’s your little piece of Facebook real-estate.

You have spent time a fair bit of time creating your profile, and claiming your own URL makes it that little bit better.

Facebook Page

For those who have a Facebook Page (in addition to their Facebook Profile), getting a vanity URL to promote their business, brand or product wasn’t as easy.

Your Page had to have a minimum of 1000 fans. Once you reached this minimum amount of fans, you were then eligible to choose a vanity URL.

Facebook have now changed this minimum to 25 fans. So getting a vanity URL for your Facebook Page has just become a lot easier and I will show you how.

For starters, you need your own Facebook Page (with at least 25 fans).. if you don’t have one, follow my guide on how to Create a Page for your Business on Facebook.

Head to Facebook Username and then click on Set a username for your Page,

set a username

Click on the drop-down menu and under Pages, select your Facebook Page,

select your page

Now enter the username that you want for your Facebook Page, eg facebook.com/username, then click on <Check availability>,

check availability

If the username you have selected is available, and you definitely want it, click on <Confirm>,

confirm username

The username for your Facebook Page has just been set!

Click on <Okay> to finish,


Just follow this same procedure if you want to do them same for your personal Facebook profile.

Directing customers and fans of your business or product is now a lot easier.. simply tell them your Facebook Page URL!

vanity URL

If you haven’t already done so you should also Add a Facebook Fan Button to your Website.

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