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How To Get Thousands Of Visitors From Google

Ranked number one in Google

When it comes to traffic, websites NEED it.

The more the better.

Especially when it is sustained and growing traffic.. and not just peaking for a one-off post.

While researching SEO, I came across this great video on DailyBlog Tips that shows how you can get thousands of visitors from Google,

Video Highlights:

  • [0:20] First step: Go to Google and type in “Google keyword tool”. The first result is the Google Keyword Tool.
  • [0:51] I recommend typing in a question word, like “how”, “how to”, or “what”, followed by a generic word that describes your blog, like “business”.
  • [1:20] Sort by Global Monthly Search Volume. This is how many people, on average, search for this keyword in a month.
  • [1:42] Look for keywords that have between 70 and 10,000 searches per month.
  • [2:00] Important: You should only target one key phrase with each of your blog posts.
  • [2:20] Your blog post title and permalink should be this exact key phrase. Resist the urge to add extra words.
  • [2:25] Use your selected key phrase several times in your blog post.
  • [2:31] Also important: Make sure that when people link to your blog post, they use that exact key phrase. The best way to do this is to make it the title of your blog post.
  • [2:48] If you have a WordPress blog, download the free All In One SEO Pack to modify your page title, keywords, and meta description.
  • [2:57] Your meta description is the sentence or two that appears below your blog post in Google search results.
  • [3:17] Guest posting, and linking to your blog post in the “blurb” at the end of your guest post, will help your post rank higher in the search engines.
  • [3:48] Use this simple system to get thousands of visitors to your blog every month!

Market Samurai

Google’s keyword tool is quite powerful when you know how to use it for your blog posts.

The tool I use for keyword research is Market Samurai.

It’s like the Google tool but on STEROIDS!

After hearing about a bunch of first-time internet marketing “newbies”, using this TOP SECRET Market Samurai software to easily capture,

  1. Google front-page rankings
  2. Traffic and sales in their first few weeks online

I had to check it out.

Number One in Google

Market Samurai helped The Social Media Guide get to number ONE in Google,

Instant Access

I was so impressed by this software I worked out a deal to give you INSTANT ACCESS to download it at NO COST.. to see for yourself just how powerful it is,

Try Market Samurai now for free!

If you want the secret to quick, profitable, high traffic Google rankings – the secret is finding the “right” keywords..

Market Samurai will help you achieve just that.. it did for me!

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