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Hootsuite For Social Media Management

Hootsuite is a management system catering to the social media which was created for the purpose of brand management by Ryan Holmes in 2008. This system tends to integrate various social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Myspace and offers a common platform to access the required information through a dashboard interface. It aims to enquire, listen and engage all that is happening from a single stage. It saves time and effort, thereby increasing productivity and enhancing efficiency of the system. Hootsuite gives an option to further integrate additional apps via App Directory like Instagram, Tumblr and YouTube. This company which is based in Vancouver, Canada is spread across various countries and has around 7.1 million users in around 170 countries. It works on the freemium model wherein the service is provided free of cost but charges are applicable to additional services and features.

Hootsuite allows you to access your multiple accounts on a single platform. This is a special aid to the management and marketing team of any company. Its primary objective is to manage online brands and spread their messages through the social media which can be accessed all at one point through Hootsuite. This web-based dashboard is one secure place from where various businesses collaborate and launch their marketing campaigns. It helps in identifying the target audiences through choices and activities shared on the social networking sites. It also helps in growing the markets by making offers that might interest the potential audiences. They distribute the targeted messages using Hootsuite’s dashboard.

The targeting is done geographically and interest wise using the streamline team workflow. One can invite multiple marketers to launch their campaigns, keep a tab on the competitions and generate custom reports using the analytics tool which helps in the management of these social networking sites and measure them as well. Many leading corporations use this podium to address the potential masses at one go. Some of them are HBO, The Virgin Group, The Gap and Facebook.

It’s an unusual way of brand integration. Owing to the fact that social media has become an important part of the tech savvy world, Hootsuite comes as a blessing to everyone who wants to promote their service, product or advertise their event. You can tweet live, manage event campaigns, publish targeted messages to the Google+ circles, reblog notable posts Abd create a stream on WordPress, and actively check-in on Foursquare to alert your friends, all at one go!

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