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How To Remove Spammers From Your Facebook Page

The only thing certain in life is death, taxes and spam.

If you are the owner of a Facebook Page and have allowed your Fans to post comments, photos, videos and links on your wall.. you can be guaranteed that sooner or later spam will start appearing.

Sometimes fans see this as a way to promote their own business by regularly posting links back to their own sites.

To me, too much of this unwanted and uninvited activity is spamming.

It is super easy to ban this person from your Facebook Page and remove all the content they have posted.

Here’s how..

Fan Permissions

Firstly you want to check what sort of permission you have allowed your fans in regard to posting content on your wall.

Login to your Facebook Page then click on Edit Page,

Under Wall Settings click on Edit,

The Fan Permissions will tell you the posting ability your Fans have,

You could just disable this option and prevent your Fans from posting content on your wall, but that would defeat the purpose of having a fan page!

The downside of having this enabled is the spam you will receive.

Removing Spam

Head back to your Facebook Page and click on Just Others,

All the content that has been posted on your Wall by your fans will now be displayed.

Once you have identified someone who is spamming your wall, click on Report,

Next select a Reason from the drop-down menu, check the Banning option.. then click on <Submit>,

Then click <OK>,

The spammer has been blocked and all their content has been removed from your Page.


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