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The ultimate TweetAdder review!

TweetAdder unlocks the full profit possibilities of marketing on Twitter. It gives you the ability to reach hundreds and thousands of potential customers and clients that are already interested in what you are marketing.

The simple fact is that it would not be as possible to reach the amount of people you want to market to if not for Twitter marketing software like TweetAdder.

It has a massive amount of features, all there to help you with the process in the simplest way possible so that you can concentrate on your campaigns and making money.

How can you find people on Twitter who might be interested in what you’re offering?


This TweetAdder review can help you out with this.

The current version of TweetAdder has the ability to search and find members of Twitter by their location, bio data and tweet subject.. this is what made it the Twitter marketing software of choice for serious internet marketers.

By simply specifying what you want it to target, time-frames (whether it be the last week or the last year), it will find those users and you can select whether you would like TweetAdder to add of the found members to a database saved onto your computer or you can handpick them yourself.

It’s as easy as can be and you can have a database of keen Twitter buyers that are targeted in around…20 seconds.

Example Scenario

Firstly set your latest Tweet as a mention of your website.

Then using TweetAdder automatically follow 1,000 people.

On average several hundred will then visit your profile and a few hundred will most likely click on your tweet or your profile URL.

Drive hundreds.. no.. thousands of visitors to your website.

Now imagine repeating the above scenario with multiple Twitter accounts – fully automated!

Using TweetAdder you can target very specific people.. WordPress users in London, people talking about football in Spain, social media in Sydney, coffee in New York, etc.

Those who don’t follow you back, you can automatically remove after 3 days.

The Power of TweetAdder

tweetadder 1

Powerful Automation

  • Auto Follow Highly Targeted Profiles
  • Schedule Tweets and Direct Messages
  • Automate Multiple Profiles

Boost Site Traffic

  • Promote Your Website, Band, Charity, Company or Event
  • Send Thousands of Visitors to Your Site
  • Instantly Grow Your List of Followers

Incredible Search Filters

  • Keyword
  • Location
  • Recency
  • Language spoken
  • Ability to remove profiles with default picture
  • Ability to remove profiles with URLs in tweets or biography

Automated Tweet Search

  • Locates users to follow who tweeted a matching filter or keyword
  • Containing a word – eg Twitter
  • Containing multiple words – eg, Twitter marketing
  • Negation – eg Twitter -marketing
  • Exact phrase – eg “twitter marketing”
  • OR – eg twitter OR tweets
  • Hashtags – eg #twitter
  • Not from a user – eg -from:username
  • To a user – eg to:username
  • Mentioning a user – @username

Profile Data Search

  • Search Twitter bios

Location Search

  • Search by geographic location around the world

Twitter List Search

  • Imports another users Twitter list

Followers of a User

  • Obtains a list of profiles following a particular user

Followed by a User

  • Obtains a list of profiles a user is following

Multiple Twitter Accounts

  • You can manage more than one Twitter profile
  • You can manage advertising and public relations client’s profiles as a Twitter service
  • Unlimited Twitter profiles
  • Run multiple profiles concurrently

Automated Following Features

  • Never follow the same person twice
  • Blacklist to block following to specific people
  • Auto follow Twitter users – control Twitter following with Follower Ratio, maximum number of follows per day
  • Auto follow stop feature – automatically stops when Twitter follow limits are reached
  • Random time delay settings – choose what time intervals between follows, unfollows, tweets and direct messages

Automated Unfollowing Features

  • Ability to unfollow all except your personal whitelist
  • Auto unfollow Twitter users – unfollow by number, follower to follow ratios, users who do not follow back with time frames
  • Safe white list – create a list of Twitter users to never unfollow

Full Twitter Stats and Graphical Historical Viewing

  • View your Twitter stats for each profile instantly
  • Graphical display showing who you followed, unfollowed and much more on a daily basis
  • Shows exact search you did that the successful follows resulted from so you can pin point your success

Automated Tweet Features

  • Automated tweet posts throughout the day
  • Post tweets to Facebook, LinkedIn and Myspace
  • Unique tweet generator – create unique tweets automatically
  • RSS Tweets – tweets any RSS feed whether from your blog updates or any other source
  • @reply tweets – post a random tweet @someone who posts a tweet directed @you
  • Re-tweets – automatically retweet another user
  • URL shortened – shorten long URLs automatically
  • MP3 poster – bands and artists can upload Mp3s to www.mp3twit.com and share on Twitter
  • Symbols – access to special UTF8 characters like stars, arrows, and smileys
  • Link history – easy access to previously shortened URLs and Mp3s
  • Post tweets with random time delay

Automate Direct Messages

  • Thank you Direct Messaging – sends messages to your new followers
  • Standard Direct Messaging – sends messages to your followers


  • This tool searches the twitter trends and brings you the current hot topics, daily, and weekly

Free Automated Working Proxy List Imports

  • Clicking the import button, fresh, working, proxies will automatically be imported into the program
  • Proxies are not needed, but they are fully supported for power users who want them


Before we get started you will need to download TweetAdder – don’t worry it is a FREE demo!

This free trial enables you to,

  • Add Follows – 250 free auto follows
  • Unfollow Users – 250 free auto unfollows
  • Send Auto Tweets – send up to 25 free automated tweet
  • Send Auto DM’s – send up to 25 free automated direct messages
  • Automation – free usage of the automated features

Once you have installed TweetAdder I would highly recommend watching these three videos.

These videos produced by the guys at TweetAdder show you how to get started, the functions and features and finish off with the powerful automation capability.

You need to have Tweet Adder installed and running to follow along.

Getting Started with TweetAdder

This first video shows you the basics of getting started with Tweet Adder, the Twitter Friend Adder.


Functions and Features of TweetAdder

This second video shows you the rest of the features of Tweet Adder.


TweetAdder Automation

This third video shows you the ins and outs of the automation features in Tweet Adder.


TweetAdder Manual

Download the free 13 page PDF TweetAdder manual.

tweetadder 2

Twitter TFF Ratio

The Twitter TFF Ratio is the Follower to Friend Ratio – OR – the ratio of people following you to the number of people you are following.

Who cares right?

If you plan on building a massive followers list then your TFF ratio is something you will have to pay attention to and work with. While Twitter won’t tell you the exact formula, here is what is commonly known:

You can follow up to 2000 profiles without any issues. But to go past the 2000 follows mark, your followers have to be at a 1.1 to 1 TFF ratio. Or to put it another way, you can follow 1x + 10% of the number of followers you have. Example: If I have 2000 followers, I can follow 2200 profiles. If I have 4000 followers, I can follow 4400 profiles and so on.

One of the best features of Tweet Adder is that it helps your attain the optimal ratios to build a MASSIVE follower list.

tweetadder 3

All through TweetAdder you will find options that help you maintain and optimize your TFF ratio.

Benefits Of Using TweetAdder

Set and forget software, it runs on autopilot. You could be on holiday in Spain and it will keep getting you more followers and keep sending out messages which in turn, will get you more traffic.

Auto message new followers something about your website or business.

Automatically send out Tweets, this is great for making sure people in different time zones see what you have to say.

Automatically follow people talking about topics related to your business, for example, I would automatically follow people saying “setting up a website” in a sentence as I know that would be highly targeted to what I have to say.

Automatically update your Twitter when you publish a new blog post on any of your blogs. TweetAdder will see it and tweet about it.

Unfollow features, you can unfollow everyone, or automatically set it to unfollow people who don’t follow you back in a set amount of days.

You can manage dozens of Twitter accounts all at the same time, I highly recommend you go for a multi account license so that you can do this.

If you use other social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Myspace, you can automatically update those at the same time as your Twitter account. For me, this tool is a huge time saver being able to do so much with one little program, all on autopilot!

tweetadder 5

To your success!

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