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How To Add And Remove Someone As An Administrator Of Your Facebook Page

As a business owner or blogger who has a Facebook page, there may come a time when you will want to ADD someone else as an administrator of your page.

Maybe you have hired additional staff, or have a close working relationship with someone.. and need an extra set of hands to run with the daily admin tasks of updating content, replying to comments, posting links to your website, managing advertising, etc.

There may also be a time when you will want to REMOVE or DELETE an administrator from your Facebook page.  Maybe an existing admin has left your company, or they have moved onto another project.

A lot of people ask me how to do this, so here is how..

Adding an Administrator

There are a few different ways you can add someone as an administrator of your Facebook page.

To get started you will need to login to Facebook.

Adding Fans as Administrators

If you want to add someone who Likes your page as an administrator, scroll down to their photos.. then click on See all,

Scroll to the person that you want to make an admin.. then click on <Make Admin>,

At the time of writing, Facebook do not have a quick way to jump to, scan or filter your fans.. which can be a real problem if your page has tens of thousands of people.

Click on <Make Administrator>,

Once you have made this person an administrator, they will have the same control over your page as you do.

Successfully Added

(I have gotten this administrator to login to their Facebook account to show they have full admin rights)

As you can see this person is now an Administrator of The Social Media Guide.. the Manage Pages link is now enabled for them,

After the new admin clicks on <Go to Page>,

Your Facebook page is now available to them and.. like you.. they also have full control of it,

Adding Friends as Administrators

To add one of your friends as an administrator of your Facebook page, click on Edit (under your page’s picture),

In the Admin section (on the right-hand-side), click on Add,

Now select your friend(s) that you want to add as an administrator,

Adding Administrators via Email

Admins can also be added via email simply by entering their email address,

Removing an Administrator

There are a couple ways to remove an administrator from your Facebook page.

The Hard Way

You could re-scroll through all the people you Like your page again.. find that person.. then click on <Remove Admin>,

Then click on <Remove Admin> again.. to remove them as an administrator of your Facebook page,

The Easy Way

There is a much easier way to remove an admin from your Facebook page.

Click on <Edit Page> under your page’s picture,

On the right-hand-side under the Admin section, find the administrator that you want to remove, then click on Remove Administrator,

So there you have it!

How to add or remove someone as an administrator of your Facebook page.

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