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Liking a Facebook Page from Your Facebook Page

By now, you all know that if you click on Facebook’s ubiquitous <Like> button.. whatever you have Liked.. will appear in the News Feed of your Profile.

What happens if you like something, but want it to appear on your Facebook Page instead?

How do you become a fan of, or like another Page.. and have it displayed on your Page and NOT your Profile?

The way this is done is by adding a Page as a favorite.. which is essentially the same thing as Liking.. just worded differently!

If you are after a Page-to-Page relationship then this is how you do it.

Add to My Page’s Favourites

Login to Facebook and browse to the Page, that you want to add to your Page’s favorites.

Often Facebook Pages have a custom landing page.. if this is the case click on that Page’s Wall tab.

Next click on Add to my page’s favorites,

Click <Save>,

Click <OK>,


You have just added this Page to your Page’s favorites.. but you still may need to configure your Page for this to display.

Head over to your Page by clicking on Account -> then Manage pages,

Click on <Go To Page>,

You may have already configured your Page (at an earlier time)..

If this is the case, your Favourite Pages will already be displayed on the left-hand-side under your Page’s picture,

If it isn’t, and you want it to.. keep reading!

Click on your Boxes tab –> then in the Favorite Pages box click <Edit box> –> then click Move to Wall tab,

Your Favorite Pages will now display on the Wall tab, under your Page’s picture,


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