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How To Find An Endless Supply Of .EDU And .GOV Backlinks For Free

Ever wonder how you can find a nearly unlimited supply of .EDU and .GOV backlinks all by yourself?

There are heaps of people out there selling backlinks trying to make you believe they have some sort of secret sauce for finding those coveted, yet elusive high quality links from government and education sites.

I’m going to give you everything you need to find them yourselves – hundreds of them (possibly thousands) in a matter of seconds.

Here’s how..

Go to Google and type in the following (copy and paste):

site:edu inurl:blog "leave a comment" -"comments closed" -"you must be logged in to comment"

It looks like gibberish to the uninformed.. but now you can consider yourself “informed“!

I will explain what each of these parameters mean,

  • site:edu   –   means Google will only display search results from sites with a .Edu extension
  • inurl:blog   –   means your results will only show blogs that are located on those .Edu domains
  • “leave a comment”   –   means your search results will only show blogs on .Edu domains that have comment forms
  • -”comments closed”   –   Note the “-”, that means your search results will NOT display blogs where commenting is closed
  • -”you must be logged in to comment”   –   There’s that “-” again. It means your search results will exclude blogs where you need to be logged in to leave comments.

To expand on this a little, if you only want to find blogs on .gov domains that have open comments, just replace site:edu with site:gov in your search string,

site:gov inurl:blog "leave a comment" -"comments closed" -"you must be logged in to comment"

Also, don’t be afraid to experiment with your search strings.

You can add or remove any of the elements in the above search string and you’ll get different results. Add your main keywords for the page you need backlinks for if you want to get specific.

Use this for your advantage!

More Golden Nuggets

Here are some more cool parameters for you, that you can use to find TONS of websites where you can leave comments:

1. Find .EDU and .GOV blogs where you can get links. Use the following search strings but where it says “keyword phrase” be sure to change that to one of the keywords relating to your blog or website, leaving it inside quotation marks.

  • “keyword phrase”+inurl:blog site:.edu
  • “keyword phrase”+inurl:blog site:.gov
  • “keyword phrase”
  • site:.edu inurl:blog “keyword” “comment”

2. Search and sift through the results to find sites that allow comments on their blogs. This shows that other people are successfully using this strategy and to go ahead and add your comment and link to your website.

3. Build your list of websites that you could comment on (or outsource this) to create a database of .EDU and .GOV backlinks you can use.

4. Comment on these blogs. Be informed, be kind, and stay on topic. Doing a couple minutes of research and posting relevant helpful information will increase your success tenfold. At the very least, put some thought into a contextual post that fits in with what is being discussed. If you don’t do this, you may completely waste your time.

5. When you make a comment, put in your information, then put in your HTML link. Don’t overdo this. Spread out your comments over time and bookmark a lot of the sites that you comment on regularly. Instead of concentrating solely on one keyword and linking to your homepage over and over again, spread it among different categories, posts, and pages in your blog. Look for some of the longer tail keywords you can link to directly to some of the inner pages of your website to get more bandwidth.

Social Bookmarking Software

I have just shown you how to get an endless supply of EDU or GOV backlinks.. all for free!

If you are time poor there is an alternative way.. an automated way.

Bookmarking Demon is an automated social bookmarking tool that enables you to get an unlimited supply of high PR back links and laser targeted traffic from major bookmarking sites.. in minutes, and all on autopilot.

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