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52 Google Buzz Tips And Tricks

Google Buzz has quickly gained millions of users since it was released on the 9th February 2010.

With Google Buzz you can,

  • publish your ideas to the world or to your closest friends
  • it is integrated with Gmail so comments get sent right to your inbox
  • you can see photo friendly thumbnails with each post
  • connect the sites you already used like Twitter, Picasa, Flickr, Google Reader (currently not Facebook)
  • see updates in real-time

Here is a list of 52 Google Buzz resources with heaps of tips and tricks that you might find useful.

Tips and Tricks

  1. 4 Google Buzz Hacks for Users, Developers, and Haters – Read Write Web
  2. 5 Buzz Tips – The Official Gmail Blog
  3. 5 Google Buzz Tips for the Advanced User – Read Write Web
  4. 5 tips for Google Buzz – JortK
  5. 11 Fresh Google Buzz wordpress plugins – Social H
  6. 11 handy Google Buzz tips – TechRadar UK
  7. 12 Undocumented Tricks for Google Buzz – Aext.net
  8. Add Google “Buzz This” and “Buzz it” buttons to your Blogger blog – Intro Blogger
  9. Buzzy – A Search Engine for Buzz – Buzzy
  10. Disable Google Buzz and Lose Your Google Profile? – Marsha Collier’s Musing
  11. Enable or Disable Google Buzz – Techie-Buzz
  12. First Generation Of Google Buzz Tips, Tricks And Resources – Smashing Apps
  13. Five Tips to Thrive on Google Buzz – Jungle G
  14. Google Buzz 101 – Search Engine Watch
  15. Google Buzz: A Privacy Checklist – PC World
  16. Google Buzz Add-ons and Extensions – Techno Buzz
  17. Google Buzz API – Google Code
  18. Google Buzz Button For WordPress – WordPress
  19. Google Buzz Monitoring – Tins – Rick Klau’s weblog
  20. Google Buzz Tips – Buzzed Tip
  21. Google Buzz Tips – Google System
  22. Google Buzz Tips – Mash Trends
  23. Google Buzz Tips and Tricks – Web Worker Daily
  24. Google Buzz Extensions for Google Chrome – Google Chrome
  25. Google Buzz FAQ – Search Engine People
  26. Google Buzz Trick – Doghouse,
  27. Google makes it easier to disable Buzz – Cnet
  28. Google New Buzz Tips & Methods – Automotive News
  29. How to Bring Your Google Buzz Entries to Twitter – Louis Gray
  30. How to browse Google Buzz on a map without a mobile phone – The Next Web
  31. How to Disable Google Buzz – Google System
  32. How to Do Everything in Google Buzz (Including Turn It Off) – Fast Company
  33. How to Fix Google Buzz – Google Moderator
  34. How to Google Buzz from an Email client such as Thunder Bird or Outlook Express? – Zamaan Online
  35. How to import your tweets into Google Buzz – Dot Net Japs
  36. HOW TO: Integrate Google Buzz Into Your WordPress Blog – Mashable
  37. How to integrate Twitter and Facebook into Gmail – Holy Kaw
  38. HOW TO: Make a Google Buzz Desktop App – Mashable
  39. How to Pull Your Google Buzz with jQuery – Aext.net
  40. How To Search Google Buzz – Search Engine Land
  41. How to Turn Off Google Buzz – The Technology Guide
  42. How to use Buzz – Gmail Help
  43. How to use Google Buzz ? – A Complete Guide To Google’s New Social Network – iCore
  44. How To Use Google Buzz, The Unofficial (and Frequently Updated) Guide – The Next Web
  45. How to use Google Buzz – Tips – The Technology Guide
  46. Import Your Twitter Contacts Into Google Buzz – Tw2buzz
  47. Integrating Posterous and Google Buzz – Posterous
  48. More Google Buzz Tips, Resources, Extensions, and Icons to Keep You Buzzed – Aext.net
  49. Radian6’s Social Media Monitoring Platform Now Tracks Google Buzz – Radian6
  50. Remove Buzz from your Gmail Sent Folder – Fors
  51. Tips about Google Buzz – MaximumHit
  52. Ultimate List of Tips And Tricks for Google Buzz – Techie-Buzz

8 Google Buzz Videos

  • Official Google Buzz Video
  • Google Buzz for Mobile
  • Google Buzz Launch Event
  • Why Google Needs Buzz – Kevin Rose
  • Google Buzz: Tour and Overview

Sergy Brin Talks About Google Buzz

Google Buzz Ad Parody

Google Buzz Set-up Video Tour

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