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How to Block Annoying Facebook Friends from Commenting on Posts

Let’s face it everyone of us have one or two annoying friends that we are connected to on Facebook.

You know the type, someone who you are connected to but can’t really un-friend, like a relative or current work colleague.. who will randomly post inappropriate comments.

It’s very easy to take back control and block them from commenting on any of your posts.

Here’s how..


Login to your Facebook profile > click on Account > then click on Privacy Settings,

Under Sharing on Facebook click on Custom > then click on Customize settings,

Scroll down the page a bit and next to Can comment on posts click on the <Custom> button.. and next to Custom click on Edit,

Now enter the names of those connections who you want to block from being able to Like or Comment on your posts.. then click on<Save setting> when you are done,

Here’s the proof of this in action..


I got a friend to login to their account and bring up my profile before blocking them.

As you can see they are able to Like and Comment on my posts,


After applying the changes outlined above, I got my friend to login to their account and bring up my profile again.

As you can see, they are now unable to Like and Comment on my posts.

This functionality has been removed from them,

No more annoying comments.


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