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Brand your Tweets with your Website’s URL

Are you a business owner or blogger who uses social media to market and promote your product?

Do you use social networks to engage with your customers and business clientele?

Do you use Twitter as a medium to reach out and create brand awareness.

What if I told you that every single one of your tweets is promoting someone else’s business.. and you probably don’t even know it!

Want proof?


I have just sent out three tweets promoting my blog.. using three different Twitter clients – Seismic, CoWest and Hootsuite.

Each of these tweets has been branded with the Twitter client I used to send out that tweet,

Did you know these are actually hyperlinks pointing back to these company’s websites?

So every time you send out a tweet you are advertising this company’s product.. with link back to their website.

You are promoting them for free.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could capitalize on this valuable piece of web real estate by,

  • branding your own tweets with your business’s name
  • include a link back to your website, blog or Facebook page

Just like this,

Well you can and I will show you how.


The team at PieDog Media have just released an update to their already feature packed and extremely powerful, social media management tool called MarketMeSuite.

Currently MarketMeSuite is the only fully featured twitter client that brands your tweets.

(I had previously written a post on PieDog Media’s now obsolete tool Tweetbrand, which also provided Twitter branding, but was far less powerful than MarketMeSuite).

To give you an idea of some of its features, this video provides a nice overview of MarketMeSuite v2.0,

Now that Google and Bing are displaying real-time Twitter and Facebook search results, it’s super important to have a presence on social media.

With access to real-time information becoming the norm, can your business afford not to be using social media?

MarketMeSuite is for businesses (small and large), as well as bloggers, power-users and even newbies.

If you have a brand and use social media, then MarketMeSuite is for you.

MarketMeSuite lets you easily promote your business online, attract new customers and make more money.

Brand Management

One of my favorite features of MarketMeSuite is the ability to brand your tweets. This means that every tweet you send is branded with a link back to your website.

This video steps through the process of setting up and configuring your brand,

Once you have set this up,  every tweet you send out will be branded with your own URL,

This is a fantastic feature that will give your business that competitive edge over your rivals, and create additional brand awareness.

Unlimited Accounts

MarketMeSuite allows you to add unlimited Twitter accounts.

This is especially useful if your business has multiple personas or departments.. or you own multiple blogs with a specific Twitter account for each.

With MarketMeSuite you can add a new Twitter account with the click of a button, and manage all of them from the one interface.

Scheduled Tweets

MarketMeSuite offers tweet scheduling that is common amongst Twitter clients nowadays.

Firstly, there is the standard method where you can schedule your tweets to be sent out at a future date and time.

The second scheduling feature that is unique to MarketMeSuite, is the ability to schedule tweets using Google calendar.

Since syncing my iPhone with Google’s services, I have come use Google Calendar religiously and became quite excited when I found out about this feature.

To schedule tweets using Google Calendar you first need to enable Google Calendar.

Do this by clicking on the <Schedule> button when the Tweet box is empty,

Click on Google Calendar button,

Now head over to Google and open up your calendar.

If you have multiple calendars select the Calendar you wish to Tweet from, then click on Calendar Settings,

In Calendar Settings scroll down to Private Address and click on XML,

Copy this address,

And paste this address in MarketMeSuite.. then press <Set Calendar>,


You have now configured  MarketMeSuite and Google calendar.

To schedule a tweet.. make a note of your screen name, your MarketMeSuite ID and your License key.. then head back to Google calendar,

Schedule a tweet in Google calendar, by creating a new event with a future date and time .

In the “What” field, make sure you enter your Twitter Name YourMMTID_YourLicenseKey (that you noted earlier) in the following format,

Choose a time that is at least 15 minutes into the future (just ignore the “end-time”).. enter your tweet.. then click <Save>,


You have now scheduled a tweet using Google calendar,

(NB – twitter branding won’t work using this method).

Even if you don’t have MarketMeSuite open, your tweets will still be sent at the scheduled time!

Twitter Management

No other Twitter business software has a comprehensive management side.

Similar to other popular tools, you’re able to see your friend’s timelines, replies/mentions, easily manage and delete direct messages, groups, search, customize panes, expand the interface and more.

Facebook Integration

Tweets can be posted and scheduled to your Facebook profile and AND unlimited Facebook  fan pages!

MarketMeSuite allows you to view your Facebook activity in a gorgeous interface that makes keeping up with friends and contacts a breeze.

Location Targeted Following

Now matches for new followers can be in the same place as you, making the quality so much higher.

Reply Campaigns

MarketMeSuite‘s reply campaigns allows you to find users in your niche and start conversations.. it’s completely user controlled to maintain the highest quality.

Free Updates

MarketMeSuite is continually being upgraded and free updates is provided for all licensed users.

Automatic RSS Tweeting

For maximum exposure import your blog’s RSS feed directly into MarketMeSuite.

Every time your RSS feed is updated you can have this post automatically or have it scheduled.

You can tweet your posts to all accounts at the same time.

I recently wrote a post on How to Send RSS Feeds to Twitter and Facebook.. MarketMeSuite makes is a whole lot easier by providing this functionality, all within the one application.

For more information on RSS feeds checkout my Really Simple RSS Guide.

Language Targeted Tweeting

No longer grow a mass following of unresponsive users who aren’t relevant.

Build a following of users who speak the same language.

You don’t have to fit MarketMeSuite – MarketMeSuite fits you.

Multiple Computers

Now this is revolutionary..

MarketMeSuite software engineers have discovered a way you can take your marketing data anywhere you go, and from whatever computer you wish to access it from.


MarketMeSuite comes with four different pricing options, to give as many people as possible, access to this tool.

So getting started with this app a no-brainer.. and there is a money-back guarantee.

Twitter Search

With MarketMeSuite’s search feature you can easily keep up to date with all the latest tweets from the Twittersphere.

You can keep up to date on who is searching you and your company, and respond with deadly accuracy.

For more detailed information you may want to checkout my Guide to Advanced Twitter Search.

Ping.fm Integration

Ping.fm is a service that enables you to update many different social networks at once.  You can update to all, or just a handful of your favourite social networks.

Updates can be made from your browser, email, SMS and now MarketMeSuite.

For more detailed information you may want to checkout my post on How to use Ping.fm.

Smart Following & Unfollowing Algorithm (user controlled)

MarketMeSuite enables you to keep control of your account by finding highly targeted followers, and unfollow those who aren’t enriching your account.

Group Management

It’s hard to break through the clutter in a crowded marketplace.

That’s why groups with Twitter Lists were created.. an easy way for you to filter your friend’s tweets and keep up to date.

Multiple Twitter Accounts

This is completely unlimited, so you can run multiple twitter accounts from a single application, making your life easier and more concise.

OAuth Secure

The new requirement from Twitter is OAuth security encryption, and MarketMeSuite has it.

What does it mean?

Well put it this way, your Twitter username or password is NEVER stored.

Now think about your other tools..

Post To All

Have more than one Twitter Account? Facebook Profile? Fan Page?

You can post to all with one simple click!

Harness the power of one-click broadcasting and get a surge of traffic.


MarketMeSuite also comes with a fully supported forum where you can,

  • make feature requests
  • read up on tips and tricks
  • ask for help

This certainly provides extra peace-of-mind for your investment.


MarketMeSuite is a tool I use, and highly recommend.

If you are serious about social media marketing and social networking, get yourself a copy now.

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