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Setup a Custom Landing Page for Your Facebook Page

So you have finally gotten around to creating a page for your business or club on Facebook.

You have secured a vanity URL and your blog’s posts are automatically being pulled into and displayed on your Facebook page.

Now what?

Why not set up your own custom landing page?

If you haven’t heard of a landing page before, it is the page on a website that you arrive on.. or land on.

When someone browses to your Facebook fan page for the first time, the landing page is page that is displayed to them.

Facebook allows you to configure landing pages for new visitors (i.e. non-fans), so that they land on that custom page instead of your wall.

The goal of the landing page is to convert new visitors into fans by providing them with information that makes them want to become a fan.

This guide will show you how to set up a custom landing page.

Add the Static FBML Application

Login to your Facebook account.

At the bottom left of your screen (in the status bar), click on Applications,


Then click on Browse More Applications,

browse more apps

In the search box type in FBML,


Click on Static FBML,

static FBML

Click on Add to my Page,

add to my page

Select your page and click <Add to Page>,

add to page


Now return to your Facebook page and click on Edit Page,

edit page

Scroll down to the FBML application, click on the Pencil icon.. then select Edit,

edit FBML

In the Box Title enter a name for your custom tab.. then paste in your HTML code that points to your images, files etc.

My custom landing page consists of

When you are done click on <Save Changes>,

add code

Click on Edit Page again,

edit page

.. and go back to the FBML Application Settings,

FBML applicaiton settings

Ensure this application has been added to your Tabs,

add to tab

Default Landing Page

Now to make this page the default landing page for non-fans.

In Wall Settings, click on the Pencil icon.. then select Edit,

edit wall settings

For the Default Landing Tab for Everyone Else option.. select the tab that you have just created,

default landing tab

Now log out of Facebook,


Now head back to your Facebook fan page,

fan page

You will now land on your new custom landing page,

new landing page_


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