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How To Get More Twitter Followers

Twitter is a great way to share life’s events and major news. To increase the followers on twitter, the personal information provided should be appropriate and apt so that the image created is nice. The profile picture should show the face clearly and the eyes should see the lens directly. If any business company has to be shown, then its logo can be used but in a sensible way.

The tweets should be interesting and should be posted on a daily basis. To maximize the visibility, it is important to post something valuable or if your life has got many ups and downs with natural turns. Sometimes the funny posts or videos or photos can keep up the vibe and attract followers. The posts should be put up once or twice in a day but it should be posted at an appropriate time to get maximum viewers. Since most of the users live in the US, the time schedule should be set accordingly and the time excluding office hours is considered genuine.

Using Hashtags is a great way to increase the visibility of the tweets and the people can easily identify who have similar interests. These Hashtags should be used in moderation and only a certain important words should be included to increase the exposure. It is important to follow those people who follow you so as to gain their confidence and to show that the tweets are not just to gain popularity, but to actually connect with people. Sometimes, it is shown publicly and the profile gets an added advantage.

People can be directed to the profile by giving directions to follow you on twitter using blogs, e-mails or other social networking sites. A celebrity’s attention can be caught on Twitter by sending them an @message, a direct message which can be sent to anyone on twitter independent of the following trend. If chances are, the celebrity can tweet, retweet or even follow, making it visible to thousands or millions of people, unexpectedly gaining popularity and followers.

Following the people with similar interests can help in the process and sometimes, asking people to retweet occasionally can show that it’s of importance and the word needs to be spread. You need to delete the accounts from your list which are of no relevance to your account.

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