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Finding Influential People On Twitter


Who are the most influential people on Twitter?

Who are the most influential people in a specific genre, on Twitter?

WeFollow is a user powered Twitter directory that lists genres such as celebrity, music, socialmedia, entrepreneur, news, tech, tv, politics, comedy, sport.. and many, many more.


Each genre, or category, lists Twitter users by the amount of followers they have. The more followers someone has the higher up the list they appear for that particular category,


So who determines what particular category someone belongs to?

Well, you do..

When you add yourself to the We Follow directory you can list up to five interests.. and it is these interests that you will be categorized under.

Scroll to the top of the page and click on <Add yourself to We Follow>,

add yourself

Click on <Allow> to allow We Follow to connect to your Twitter account,


Next, add your location and up to five interests.. you will be listed in We Follow under the city and interests you specify.. and click on <Send – Add me to We Follow>,

add yourself

Done! You have just added yourself to the We Follow directory,

added to wefollow

If you selected this option, a tweet will also be sent out to your followers,

just added

To follow someone just click on their name,


So there you have it.

Finding and following influential people on Twitter is as easy as that.

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