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31 Days to Build a Better Blog


I recently downloaded a copy of 31 Days to Build a Better Blog by Darren Rowse of Pro Blogger, and have found it to be one of the best things I’ve done in recent times.

Since I started this blog I’ve always been on the lookout for ways to improve it. I’m constantly researching Twitter and scouring the web for tips, advice and how-toe’s, on anything and everything relating to social media and blogging.

It wasn’t until I came across Darren Rowse’s site ProBlogger that I really began to get an understanding of the scope of blogging, and the many different tactics and strategies that can be used for producing content and attracting visitors.

Pro Blogger is the original source and an authoritative voice on the internet, on anything to do with blogging. For beginners and professional bloggers alike, that’s the place to go.

31 Days to Build a Better Blog is presented in a workbook format where you can work though the lessons as fast or as slow as you want.

(From the Preface)

The idea is simple. By the end of this challenge you’ll have learned 31 aspects of blogging and put them into practice. It is designed not only to fill your head with knowledge ABOUT blogging but also give you some concrete things to do to actually DO something with the knowledge.

There are 31 tasks each focusing on a different area of blogging, there are teachings on that particular area explaining why it’s important, and plenty of tips on how to actually implement that task. There is also a notes area to take notes.

There is an interact section for each task with a link to the 31 Days to a Better Blog forum where you can interact and get additional tips and help from thousands of other bloggers and community members.

This workbook is packed with links to many resources that aid in helping out with that particular task.

The thing that struck me with 31 Days to Build a Better Blog was how well the information is put together, and in particular the depth of each topic.

Darren’s many years of professional blogging experience is apparent throughout this workbook.

31 Days to Build a Better Blog is written in a clear, structured and easily digestible format, that will certainly give you the tools and capability to make your blog even better and stand-out, above other blogs in your niche.

A great piece of work all-round and a must have for your library.

[Edit – You should also checkout Darren’s newest eBook The Copywriters Scorecard for Bloggers which I have also recently reviewed]

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