Art Bunten

Before online marketing, my first burning passion (relating to business) was property investment - and I was damn good at it, too. 

I'm not tooting my own horn here either - the only reason I was good at it was because I followed a few simple pillars of wisdom, one of which is "​Don't put all of your eggs in one basket"

Spreading your eggs into many baskets, (AKA diversification) is key to success in any business, online or off, as it spreads your risk and ultimately gives you more control the way things role.

I blatantly ignored this wisdom when I got into online marketing, and I put all my eggs into one, unstable, volatile basket. That basket was Google - I relied too heavily on organic traffic for my web businesses.

You've heard the story before so I'll give you the 'in a nutshell version' - I created a handful of websites that made money through advertising and Affiliate commissions, relied too heavily on one traffic source (Google) and lost it all overnight due to algorithm changes. Nothing new, but a kick in the balls nonetheless.

The next few years I dedicated to learning how to spread my risk thin and diversify my traffic - through the only way to know if something works - testing it on real websites. Yes, I still benefit from good old Google visitors, but more heavily from other places - such as Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook.

I feel like i'm rambling a little here so I'll give you my elevator pitch, and the reason why I created this website:

"The Social Media Guide is where you'll learn how to taper off your organic traffic addiction and diversify your website with simple but action-orientated social media growth hacks"

If you're an SEO, a small business owner or someone that just wants to learn how to build a following on social media but has no idea how to start, you're in right place. Browse around a few tutorials, check out and learn from a few of my case studies or simply get a headstart with my social media cheat sheets.

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