How to Change Your Twitter Name (Without Losing Followers)

Most of us joined Twitter, years ago, not quite sure what we were getting ourselves into. We threw together a username that happened to be available at the time and then tried our hand at sharing content to attract and build a large following.

But as time passes and our needs change, often our Twitter names must change as well. Some of you may have started a business and want to change your personal page to our business profile, because it already has a large following. Or like one of my clients, you may have already started out with a business name, but want to re-brand it to a better idea.

Whatever your reason, this article will take you through the steps of how to change your Twitter name without losing your followers.

What You’ll Need:

  1. A device with internet connection, preferably a computer. You may use a tablet or smartphone for this, but due to the smaller screens, slower loading times, and the tendency to load mobile versions of web pages, it is usually best to use a computer.
  2. The new name you would like to change your profile to. You will need to check availability by typing it in after If someone else has used it, even if the account has been suspended, you will not be able to use that username.
  3. An email address that you have not yet used with Twitter. Keep in mind that all Twitter accounts must be connected to individual email addresses.

How To Do It

The following simple steps will have on your way in no time

1. Give Your Followers a Heads-Up

Let your followers know ahead of time that you intend to make a change and state your reason. The earlier you do this, the better. Twitter users miss most of the messages posted by the people they follow, so posting a reminder over a period of days increases the likelihood of them seeing it.

To compose a tweet, go to your profile page and select the “Tweet” button next to your profile picture in the top right hand corner. You can also tweet from the home page by tipping into the box which asks, “What’s happening?”

Go to your profile page and click the ellipses at the bottom of the tweet. Choose the option that says “Pin to your profile page”. This will make the tweet the first message users see when they visit your page.

You may also include a heads-up in your bio; especially if there is another tweet pinned to your profile page, which you do not want to lose. Go to “Edit Profile”, write in the information and then click “Save Changes”.

2. Change Your Username

Changing your username will not directly affect your current followers, lists, likes, or any other stats on your page. However, it will affect the web address of your current Twitter profile, as these are automatically generated by Twitter to match usernames.

Go to your profile page and click on your profile picture, then select “Settings”.

Type in the new username. Twitter will tell you automatically if it is available or not.

Then click “Save Changes”.

3. Create New Profile with Old Username

It is important to follow up with this step, directly after changing your old account to the new Twitter handle. This is because your old username will now be up for grabs by the general public, and you may lose it if you wait. You can always change your mind and go back to this account if things do not work out with the other, and if it becomes hacked, this serves as a back-up. You may also choose to use the old username as your personal page, while keeping the other page for business.

Click on your profile picture again, and select “Log out”.

Then, at the top right hand corner of the page, click on “Have an account? Log in” and select “Sign Up”.

Fill out the necessary information and complete the steps to get the account properly set up.

In the bio of your new profile, give some brief information about you or your business, explain that the page has been moved, and include the Twitter username you are using in place of it.

Change your Twitter Name – not username – to “We Have Moved”.

4. Notify Followers

Now that you’ve made the necessary changes, it’s time to update everyone and keep them informed. Username changes do not always update immediately for followers, so you may still get some mentions to this account.

  • Post a status update from the new username, letting followers know that you have made a change, but you’re still the same person or entity. You may want to keep this new status pinned to your profile page for at least a week.
  • Update the bio attached to the new username, and replace it with an acknowledgement that you have changed your name, or successfully rebranded the business. After a month or so, you can revert to your usual bio.
  • Post a tweet from the old username letting people know that you have moved to a new account, and include the new username.

5. Update Your Twitter Username Wherever it Was Used

If you referred people to your Twitter page via email signature, your resume, websites, or other social media platforms you will need to make the changes there. While people will see that you have moved your page when they land on the old one, it’s best to keep the process hassle free by updating as many of these referrals as you can.

Any kind of rebranding or name change can be a difficult step, as it might mean breaking a connection with your consumers, fans, or followers. However, if handled correctly, you can not only make the change hassle free, but also retain the rights to the old brand or username, in case you change your mind, or plan to use it again at a later date.

Following these steps also helps you to redirect the traffic you may have missed by giving up the old account altogether. As a result, this tutorial is not just useful for business accounts, but for your personal pages as well.

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial, and look forward to hearing your thoughts. Leave your comments below and be sure to share this article with friends, family, and your followers. You never know who might be considering a name change, but doesn’t have the right information to get it done.

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